Thursday, December 10, 2009

the worm from phoenix

it's been hard to find a place to breathe
the proximity of gravity has collapsed the air
and the activity of the fallacy of busy bees
tests my capacity to stand

the fool wears a mockery of himself
a firelight shadow on the sheltered rough of these cave walls
so i've banished form
let substance turn
and they punish the absence of concrete existence
but i've dug up my pavement as my little resistance

yeah the city is a prison
but i've got my own cage
i wear barbed wire
and toss myself onto the pyre of perth
the ashes of the mall
carbonate the dirt
i might rise like worm to the surface again

yeah worm was a man in form alone
behind curtains he digs his hole
and they say he only sees the winter sun
at least his highways are still moving
transferring history to city hall
and the town crier still wears his barbed wire

charm a song and worm might rise to the sky
seek out an open space in stasis
drop the bomb of nothingness
and worm will sing in harmony
a ukulele on the wind for an eternity