Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mort Wins

He never trusted no one
A scolded child
Wild with paranoia
Waiting for the next strike
Eyes dilated with the demon defending his domain
His name is Mort and he has won

He always wanted more fun
A vanquished child
Released back to the playground
To whirr dizzy and vortex until sickness
To never come down to earth again
To never be the same
His name is Mort and he has won

He would take to seduction
Snarling beast off his leash
The glamour of understanding the lure
And with his capture, he would rapture
But never release
It was all a game
His name is Mort and he has won

An infant in the ocean
Battered by the surf
Without help
Cast away
The depth of blue
I have been there too

He severed the fingers from his friendships
Rolled a boulder over the entrance to his cave
So his voice echoed
The phone unanswered
Left stranded, no one came
His name is Mort and he has won

We can blame and hate
Be angry and sore
Or we can hope next time he has more
More love
More warmth
More empathy with the creatures

We can rage at the Australian day that took our friend away
Or we can look after our crew
Me and you
After each other
Try not to let them pass
And keep those that have fallen in the gentle grasp of our memory

And all I wanted was to honour you with a poem
But what you did was not honourable
I wanted to answer your call
A requiem for the things not said
Mort is dead and he has won

Despite your insistence
Despite your fears
Despite all the gnashed teeth and angry stares

I never hated you Matt